Have you ever watched “Curb Your Enthusiasm” starring Larry David?

If you haven’t then you are missing out on a good laugh.

In the show, Larry David faces a constant barrage of life’s little annoyances, that he seemingly always turns into a big deal. Episodes center on his ignorance of or disregard for well-established social conventions and expectations, as well as his insistence that others adhere to rules of which only he seems to be aware.

Based on the long-running success of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” FTX hired Larry to be a spokesperson on behalf of their company.

During the Super Bowl last year, Larry made his debut in this funny FTX commercial.

In the commercial, Larry is routinely shown some of the greatest inventions of all time, like the wheel, the toilet, the fork, and the lightbulb.

In each one of those scenes, Larry rejects the idea because they will never work.

The commercial closes with Larry being pitched “FTX as a safe and easy way to get into crypto.”

Larry rejects the idea saying “Nah, I don’t think so. And I’m never wrong about this stuff, never.”

Fast forward 9 months and the irony of this commercial is as strong as one of Larry’s episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

FTX’s implosion has lost somewhere in between the range of $1.5-$2B of investors’ money and they have reduced the value of the entire crypto industry by close to $180B!

Imagine if you were an investor in FTX or an adjacent crypto asset.

You would have seen your money go close to zero.

Now we don’t know about you, but we prefer to not gamble with our money and our investor’s money.

That is why we invest in multi-family real estate.

Real estate is a safe asset class that provides the following benefits:

  1. Tax Advantages: Max out your depreciation.

  2. Appreciation: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics real estate historically outperforms inflation by ~5%.

  3. Stability: Historically real estate has outperformed the DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P and has been less volatile.

  4. Cash Flow: on avg. 7%-8% of the initial investment

  5. Leverage: Buying real estate in partnership with a lender allows investors to increase their total assets under management.

  6. Amortization: Over the course of holding your investment in the property you are increasing your equity in the investment by paying down the debt services to your lender.

Will you make a potential 20x return on your real estate investment?

Probably not.

But will you have a higher probability of seeing your investment double in the next 4-5 years with a greater sense of security in knowing that the investment will not lose its initial value?


If you want to see how you can unlock your wealth potential through real estate investing, then schedule a call with us ASAP.

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