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In our five years of doing business, we have taken 4 projects full cycle, raised over $45M in equity, acquired 1825 units and over $125M in real estate. Take a look at our list of past and current multifamily investment properties below.

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Salt Lake City, UT
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Our Strategy

It is our 2030 goal to be in 25,000 units, donated $3M dollars to charity through our Anthem Impact Fund, and helped over 3,000 people retire on their own terms. Our focus is about providing stable, yield-producing investments in growing geographic markets across the United States for our large pool of investors. We will continue to deliver to our investors high expectations because we analyze every investment opportunity throughout the full life cycle. In the early stages, we use the below criteria as guidelines to help us identify the right opportunities for our investors. Although the guidelines may change, (e.g $200k/door in Atlanta might be a steal vs $200k/door in Dallas could be viewed as overpriced) we want to ensure that our investment has the right foundational elements before moving forward.
  • Above average cap rate ~5.5%
  • Below average price per unit ~$200k
  • Above average employment growth 1%+
  • Above average rent growth ~2.5%
  • Above average affordability gap between monthly cost of mortgage and monthly cost to rent. ~$240/month
  • Above average population growth +1%
  • Landlord friendly states
  • Value add potential to generate the projected returns
Assuming a property matches our criteria, we proceed with our boots on the ground research to get into the weeds of the opportunity. Some questions we might ask ourselves are:
  • What type of activity goes on at the property at night?
  • What are the comps in the area for a similar type asset?
  • How friendly is the staff at the property?
  • Is there other, non competitive investment going on in the area that would make it more desirable to live, like a new grocery store, new school, new business, etc?
  • How does the property look in real life and what types of maintenance or improvements have been ignored by the current seller?

Track Record Comparison

2021 Returns

Anthem 29%
Fundrise 22%
Public REITs 39%
Public Stocks 28%
2021 Returns
Anthem 2%
Fundrise 1%
Public REITs 9-10%
Public Stocks N/A
Projected Compounded Growth
Anthem 22%
Fundrise 11-12%
Public REITs 10.6%
Public Stocks 10.5