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    Our Core Values

    Lead with Integrity & Transparency​

    Warren Buffet said it best, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Our team is all about doing the right thing in the right way and maintaining an honest relationship with you.

    Use Time & Money as if it were Your Own​

    Money doesn’t grow on trees and time is non refundable. As a result, we will focus on maximizing the return on investment of your money and your time.


    The culture and community we are building at Anthem is focused on not just surviving, but thriving. We focus on winning each day because little wins compound into BIG wins in the future for you and for us.

    Be a Community of Respect, Recognition, and Trust​

    A community that lacks any of these 3 things is a community we do not want to be a part of. We will be respectful of you, your time, and your money. We will celebrate and recognize your efforts, our efforts, and our communities’ efforts. And we will earn your trust and maintain your trust throughout our entire relationship.

    Desire to Grow, Be Coachable and Give​

    Anthem is all about having a growth mindset. We enjoy challenges, welcome criticism, and look to improve everyday, so that at the end of the day we are able to give more back to you and to our community.

    Our Purpose

    If you created a word cloud from the descriptions in our value statements above you would notice a word that is said a lot… “COMMUNITY”. Our purpose is to create a lasting and positive impact for our community. Our community is all encompassing. It is our community of residents at our properties around the country. It is the community in which those properties are located. It is the community in which we live. Our community is interconnected and it only wins when we all win.

    That is why we listed in our goal above that we want to be able to donate over $3M by 2030 into our Anthem Impact Fund which is focused on investing in the local movers and shakers in our residential communities that are creating progress for themselves and their community.

    Meet Our Team

    Tariq 20Sattar 20Pic_edited

    Tariq Sattar

    (Co-Founder and CEO)

    Tariq Sattar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Anthem Capital. His experience working in management consulting and corporate restructuring for Deloitte and Alvarez & Marshal has enabled him to see the opportunities that others don’t when it comes to large apartment complexes in need of some value-add improvements. Tariq has owned over 10,000 multifamily units and once owned 55 single family properties before selling all but one off in order to pursue the more lucrative sector of apartment complex real estate investing. His expertise at every stage of Anthem’s project lifecycle: selection, acquisition, development, and disposition of properties is one of the key reasons why Anthem has historically delivered a 75% total return and 26% average annualized return to its investors.

    When he isn’t working on real estate, he finds joy in traveling, hunting and riding motorcycles.

    Iven Vian

    (Co-Founder and COO)

    Iven Vian is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Anthem Capital. Having retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force after 20 years, he is passionate about the operational excellence and execution of his apartment communities and their impact on their surrounding communities.

    Iven’s mission is to grow Anthem Apartments to 300 communities and donate $2.5M in profits to charity by 2030.

    When he isn’t working on real estate, you can find Iven spending time with family, hiking, and traveling with his family.


    Dan Cosgrove


    Dan Cosgrove spent a decade plus in the corporate world sacrificing his time and energy for the success of companies like Procter and Gamble, Berkshire Hathaway and Nike. He now uses that experience to help busy high income earners who struggle with making time for what they love by providing real estate investment opportunities and education that will unlock their wealth potential, give them the freedom to do what they want in their lives, and create a lasting and positive impact in their community.

    When he isn’t working on real estate, you can find Dan with family and friends, traveling, working out on his Peloton, or figuring out how to get better at golf.

    Dallas-Forth Worth Team


    Delia Lima

    ( Managing Partner )

    Owner of 1900+ multifamily units, Delia serves as the Managing Principal of Multifamily Empire. Harvard-educated and former Fortune 200 Infrastructure Program/Project Manager, she led $80M+ conversions for a billion-dollar hospital corporation across 29 states. Delia leverages her experience in complex enterprise level implementations to strategically navigate the moving pieces of multifamily real estate transactions.

    She oversees its $191M+ property portfolio and serves as a “boots on the ground” asset manager, ensuring onsite operations hit projected returns. In the first year of a 147-unit acquisition, the property realized a 72% NOI increase and 55% property value increase under her supervision. Delia’s motto truly is “to under promise and to overdeliver.”

    When she isn’t doing all things ”multifamily”, Delia enjoys spending time with her husband and business partner Neander and their two daughters, traveling, salsa dancing, and playing a mean game of Scrabble.


    Neander Lima

    ( Managing Partner )

    Owner of 1900+ multifamily units, Neander serves as the Managing Principal of Multifamily Empire. Current Marketing Director of Brad Sumrok Apartment Investor Mastery, he also manages the media campaign and event production of a multimillion-dollar multifamily real estate education firm that mentors deal sponsors.

    Local to Dallas/Fort Worth for over 20 years, Neander is a veteran in this market and serves as the “boots on the ground” asset manager. The co-founder of Multifamily Empire, he also built Multifamily Empire Construction and Green Empire Landscaping arms, creating a vertically integrated acquisitions, operations, and asset management firm.

    Neander firmly believes that by being “hands-on” at the properties, we create a higher quality of product and a better experience for our residents. That translates into an overall higher property performance, which in turn generates a higher return for our investors. A win-win situation.

    When he isn’t onsite at the properties, Neander enjoys spending time with his wife Delia and two daughters, traveling, salsa dancing, RV trips, motorcycles, and playing the saxophone. He is also a Certified Masters Scuba Diver

    Kansas City Team


    Shafayet and Tazrina

    Shafayet and Tazrina are Accredited Real Estate Investors and started their real estate investment journey in 2010 in the Kansas City area. Throughout the years they established a successful single family real estate business (HIG Property) that owns, acquires, and renovates residential real estate, while managing all tenants, contractors, and vendors in house.

    Shafayet and Tazrina are both licensed Realtors in the Kansas City Metro Area and affiliated with Keller Williams Realty Partners, Overland Park, KS.

    In 2021, they transitioned to multifamily real estate and partnered with nationally recognized experienced multifamily sponsors and vendors to offer multifamily real estate investment opportunity to Accredited and Sophisticated investors.


    Cory and Amy

    Cory and Amy have been real estate investors since 2015, owning, managing and operating a commercial property. After seeing the positive changes in the community as a result of their investment, they decided that real estate investing can be a win-win for everyone involved. In 2021, they expanded their investment portfolio to include multifamily properties and are looking forward to generating favorable returns for investors while creating better communities for the tenants. Both are members of Brad Sumrok’s Personal Mentoring program and the Sumrok Millionaire Multifamily Mastermind since 2021.

    Anthem Capital Ambassador

    new Joe

    Joseph Ferfolia

    Joe Ferfolia is a pilot with a major airline and a defense consultant.  He is also retired from the Air Force Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel after having flown the B-1B for over 20 years.  Joe has been a real estate investor since 2010, and made the leap to multi-family properties in 2021.

    Joe is passionate about introducing busy professionals from the various communities he is a part of to the opportunities associated with real estate investment.  He is inspired by the results-oriented and values-based approach Anthem applies to every single multi-family investment it makes.

    In his free time, Joe enjoys skiing and hiking with his family in and around Colorado. 

    Nashville Team


    Tyler Cauble

    Tyler got his start in real estate working as an in house leasing agent for a boutique development firm in Nashville. Several years later, Tyler transitioned to running his own shop where he offers brokerage, property management, and development services in the Nashville and Chattanooga markets.

    Tyler’s local market knowledge and creative approaches for development and value add property’s helps us create the best solutions for each property we purchase.

    Tyler’s objective is to provide high quality housing at affordable prices for the residents of Nashville.