Legendary comedian Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

During his hilarious opener, he made two comments about real estate.

Did you hear them? 

Both of the comments came when he started talking about politics and the debate that former President Trump had with Hillary Clinton.

Comment 1: 

“That makes me smart.” This was a statement made by Trump in his debate with Clinton when she said that Trump didn’t pay any taxes.

Reflection on Comment 1: 

It is no mystery that investing in real estate provides some of the best tax advantages around. Smart investors can offset their entire taxable income through the right real estate investments and careful planning with their CPA.

Comment 2: 

“If you want me to pay my taxes, then change the tax code. But I know you won’t because your friends and donors enjoy the same tax breaks that I do.”

Reflection on Comment 2: 

Last week we went through the hotly contested mid-term elections here in the United States. Despite rather polarizing opinions between the left and the right, there is one thing that both groups have in common… some of their largest donors have made a considerable fortune in real estate.

What that translates into is that regardless of which group is in power, your real estate investment has significantly less risk and exposure than other types of investing.

If you want a good laugh, then you can watch Chappelle’s full monologue here.

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