Anthem Capital

Track Record With Comparisons

Track Record With Comparisons

Track Record Comparison

Although the founders have decades of experience in real estate, Anthem was not created until 2016. Since its inception, Anthem has owned roughly ~2500 units across 18 properties, and brought 8 properties full-cycle. Our average annualized returns have been 29%, average total returns 77%, and average IRR 26%.

Below is a simple comparison table from our most recently completed calendar year of 2021 between Anthem and other more known forms of investments.

2021 Returns

Anthem                29%

Fundrise              22%

Public REITs        39%

Public Stocks      28%

Ongoing Fees

Anthem                1-2%

Fundrise                  1%

Public REITs     9-10%

Public Stocks        N/A

Expected Compounding Annual Growth

Anthem                      22%

Fundrise              11-12%

Public REITs          10.6%

Public Stocks        10.5%