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Anthem Capital is your partner in achieving your passive income goals.  With decades of experience in real estate syndication and multifamily syndication, a proven track record, over $48 million in equity, and $138 million in real estate  – we will provide you with the steady, consistent growth you are searching for.

We will be your partner in achieving the steady, consistent financial growth you are searching for.

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Anthem Capital creates sustained growth for investment clients through an unmatched knowledge of our markets and conservative underwriting, backed by professional education and years of investment experience. We specialize in the uniquely profitable field of multi-family assets.


Our team excels at the identification and acquisition of high-quality properties that are underperforming but offer significant potential in desirable locations experiencing growth.  With our conservative and selective underwriting process, we can ensure that all the investments we bring to market either meet or exceed projected returns. Our large roster of repeat investors enables us to move quickly on each potential asset, allowing us to offer only the best investment opportunities.


Our team evaluates and manages each property applying a unique business plan to optimize each asset.  Our asset management team encompasses a “boots on the ground” presence; all vendors are thoroughly vetted and our properties are managed by first-class, third-party property management companies.  Our optimization goes beyond structural renovations and managerial upgrades.  By leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Software as a Service technology, we increase automation and productivity, streamline operations, mitigate risk, decrease expenses and maximize your earnings and potential returns when the asset is sold.


Our investor relations are built on a foundation of trust, communication and results. We offer our investors peace of mind through absolute transparency and detailed monthly reports. We are hands-on and believe in conservative underwriting principles that are not driven by overinflated rent growth or cap rate compression. Our investors can expect a projected minimum 8% annualized cash on cash return and a projected 80% total return or greater with a typical holding period of five years.

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Investor Testimonials

We are committed to our investors and we have earned their trust by providing strategic investments with transparent communication, and proven results. Our large roster of satisfied, repeat investors are our greatest champions – take a look at what they are saying about us.

Bruce Orr

“We invested in an Anthem multifamily property last year and were pleased with the results. We had an onsite investor meeting where they showed the improvements completed since the purchase.”


Narendra G.

“I have invested passively in several deals with Iven and Tariq of Anthem, and it is my great pleasure to say that I am extremely happy with our association. These guys are pros–they are hardworking, very knowledgeable, and provide a routine, comprehensive report that keeps us updated. With a great understanding of investment philosophy, they go to great lengths to discuss all types of issues that may arise”

(MF Passive Investor in 25+ deals), New Jersey

Tracy L.

“As an out-of-state investor I appreciate Anthem Capital’s dedication to overseeing my investment. Their reporting is regular and detailed and I always feel fully informed. My inquiries are always answered very promptly. I’m happy to say that they have met their projections thus far and I look forward to them doing so in the future. Thanks Iven and Tariq!”


Vinny N.

“As an investor, it is very important to me to have a lead sponsor who takes communications seriously. The Anthem team provided monthly reports and was always willing to spend time on the phone to answer any questions I had. I was very pleased with how open they have been.”