Recently, Iven Vian attended the Joe Fairless Real State Conference where he formed some
helpful connections to apply for work with Anthem Capital. He also met many people and made
sure not miss out on any networking opportunities that may come up in future endeavors!

He got in contact with a lot of helpful information and people to apply he's very grateful to have
connected with so many outstanding real estate investors at the recent Joe Fairless Best Ever real
estate conference.

The panel discussions were packed with tremendous knowledge, where the panelists shared their
investment insights in how to improve all areas with Anthem capital’s real estate investing.

Multifamily investing is performing exceptionally well and will continue to perform well!

Here are some Golden Nuggets:

  • Become hyper-focused on your submarkets and understand the investment opportunity
    from the ground up on a granular level.
  • If you have numerous investments in one market, you can make more informed
    assumptions in your underwriting.
  • MF investing correlates with inflation and offsets the rise in costs.
  • Great companies focus on productivity, not costs.
  • Although the cost of goods is higher today, and inflation should eventually trim down,
    the cost of capital is projected to increase.
  • There is a rise in regionalism vs. globalism, mitigating supply chain slow-down
  • Ensure to underwrite a downside protection plan. Staying power is critical.

When building a business:

  • Show up: Be present at critical times.
  • Just do it: Be the person who gets stuff done.
  • Unique Strength: Discover it, leverage it, and serve others.
  • Resilience: be a bulldog…bite down, and don’t let go.
  • Be you: be yourself and do the right thing.

Take massive action and implement systems!

Thank you, Joe Fairless, for such an incredible event!

Anthem Capital is keenly focused on implementing these key points to ensure we provide a good
investment vehicle to help you achieve:
Your Anthem – Your Wealth – Your Freedom